In order to continue to be a leader in our industry and better serve our customers, Millihill Precision Tools is absolutely committed to “ Precision and Quality ” in the manufacturing of round pins and punches.

Zoller CNC 5- Axes Measuring Machine

Starrett Profile Projector - HE400

Concentricity Pro

Concentricity Laser Smart

Keyence Optical Micrometer - LS-7010M

Digital Micrometer

Mitutoyo Tool Maker’s Microscope

Ceramic Gauge Blocks

We have invested in high accuracy checking equipment to control the concentricity, run-out and diameter of every tool.
From very beginning we believed that a firm commitment to quality is fundamental to the total service that we offer.

Making full use of our extensive facilities, all works are scheduled to pass through the Product and Quality Control Department respectively at key stages of manufacture and then again before delivery to the customer.


The password to the future is Quality and you will always receive quality products from Millihill Precision Tools. You have our word on it.

We will always implement the latest techniques and methods and acquire the most efficient equipment. Our philosophy is to assure our customer the finest services and the high quality products available.